ESPN Studio Z: Bristol CT Campus

Studio Z features extensive use of light boxes, laminate surfaces and features a video wall behind the “exterior” doors. Fun Fact, the pieces behind the frosted plexiglass are all sports related items. Helmets, microphones, old cameras (many of which feature lathed styrofoam lenses to cut down on weight), balls, shoes, even trophies. A majority of the trophies are in fact ESPN Emmys going back many years for various shows in their past.

Studio Z also has a multi segment video wall that can be split up into individual pieces or joined in any configuration and moved to any point on its 180 degree track. Above the video track are 3 concentric overlapping LED rings and above that is an automated camera track suspended through a tension grid that allows 180 degree coverage of the space.

Studio Z has multiple anchor desks to allow it to serve as a multi use studio for various segments and sharing its duties between Outside the Lines and E:60